Red WinesRed wines are made from dark red, black or blue grapes. A lesser known fact, that wine does not get its color from the grape juice, in fact it gets the color when the juice of the grapes is kept in contact with the grapes skin for a prolonged period of time.However, the red color is not just achieved by soaking the skin for a longer time but it actually has a substance called tannin, which gives the red wines the required density which is much superior to other white wines. Tannin makes the mouth go dry and enable the tongue to feel the firmness in the mouth. It is said that when the wine is young, the firmness is as strong. The superior qualities of wine will become soft and mix symmetricallywith other components of wine the more it ages.The grapes used to prepare red wine are fermented as a whole together with the seeds and the skin. Also, a survey on red wine market states that red wine has more intricate and complex flavor and therefore it has to be served at a warmer temperature to actually bring out the precise flavor, structure and aroma.The exact color of the wine will range from deep violet (young wines), through brick red (mature wines) and deep brown (older red wines).

The several steps involved in making the wine are:

  1. Growing the grapes and harvesting them
  2. Crushing of the grapes
  3. Fermenting sugar into alcohol
  4. Fining, filtering and bottling

Most of the popular grapes and wines used to produce red wines are:

  • Barbera–tastes close to plum fruit and blackberry along with a glossy texture.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon–mostly served with red meat dishes and has a black current aroma, rarely in combination with some cedar wood notes.
  • Merlot–one of the most comfortable types of wine which compliments any food. It is known to be the most easy-to-drink wines.
  • Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir)–the grapes used to make these wines are quite difficult and rare to grow. They have a fragile taste along with a great balance of sweetness, acids, and tannins. Generally, this wine is served on special occasions along with lamb, chicken and salmon.
  • Syrah/Shiraz–it has a strong fruity flavor that reminds of black cherries, plums and blackberries. This wine variant usually has more of alcohol content and is left to age in wooden barrels. It tastes great with steak and beef.
  • Zinfandel–this wine has a heavy deep red color and pertaining to its heaviness, it is served with dishes containing tomato sauce, pizza or meat. The flavor and the fragrance is characterized by an aroma of spices such as black pepper, cloves and cinnamon.