Malt WiskyMalt whisky is whisky which is fabricated from a fermented mash which is produced mainly from a 100% malted grain. Whiskey is primarily derived by fermenting barley, even though sometimes other grains like rye are also used. Also, when a whiskey is made from fermented rye it is generally termed as a rye malt whisky rather than just a malt whisky. Furthermore, when the product is solely put together at a single distillery coupled with some other restrictions, it is known as a single malt whisky.


The earliest variants of whisky were most probably distilled from beer or ale. They were never left to mature, and hence in those days it more likely tasted like vodka rather than whisky.

Malting is a procedure through which the enzymes that are existent in some of the cereal grains are rendered active with objective to convert complicated complex starches in the grains into simpler sugars which can be fermented by yeast. It has been proved that barley consists of a great amount of these enzymes as compared to other grains. Therefore, malted barley is mostly amalgamated with several other grains at the time of creating wort, since the enzymes developed by barley will attempt to break down the starch content in other grains more effectively as compared to if those grains had been left to malt on their own. A report on malt whisky market states that in the United States Code of Federal Regulations, the identity standards for Distilled Spirits classify a ‘malt whisky’ as a whisky acquired at an alcohol by volume (ABV) level not more than 80% from a fermented mash of not under 51% malted grain and hived away for aging purpose in a charred new oak container at less than 62.5% ABV.

Taste of the Malt Whiskey

Malt whiskies will generally have a sweet taste as the malting procedure extracts the sugars from the grains. Nevertheless the whiskies will also tend to have a carbonized peaty and smoky taste. Many a time, this factor relies on the region as to where the whiskey is manufactured, and solely depends on the way the malted barley is dried before it is mashed. Some of the popular brands of malt whiskey from across the world are Macallan, Laphroaig, Bunnahabhain, Glenlivet, Aberlour Whisky, Lagavulin, Old Pulteney, Aultmore, etc.