Facial CleanserA facial cleanser is a face care product which is used to eliminate makeup, clean off excess oil, grime and debris, dead skin cells, dirt and several other types of pollutants from the facial skin. A basic point of a cleanser is to remove any kind of accrue during a normal day without using any product that is too harsh on the skin. A facial cleanser helps in unclogging pores and avoids getting any kind of skin condition such as acne. Ever individual must use a cleanser as a part of their routine skincare regime along with a toner followed by a moisturizer. A cleanser helps in breaking down stubborn grime from the faces which are oil-soluble impurities. Facial cleansing routine is a crucial part of a skincare regime and if followed regularly and done in the right manner, it boosts a healthy glow on the face. As per a study on facial cleanser market, many dermatologists suggest using a facial cleanser instead of a bar soap or face wash owing to plenty benefits that a cleanser has to offer as compared to a bar soap.

Difference between a Facial cleanser and a face wash:

  • Bar soaps or face wash are generally high in pH (between 9 to 10), and the skin’s surface especially on the face has a pH of average 4.7. Hence, soap can alter the pH balance of the facial skin resulting in growth of bacteria and increasing chances of acne.
  • Cleansers can be used on an everyday basis to efficiently extract dirt and makeup residue from the face, in fact more effectively than a face wash.
  • Different from soaps and face washes, facial cleansers do not consist of a specific ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate, which is widely known to be a skin irritant.
  • A facial cleanser is more gentle, hydrating in nature and moisturizes the skin well than a face wash.
  • Also, many face wash and bar soaps available in the market are known to remove oils from the skin which acts as a wall against water loss. This as a result, causes the sebaceous glands to consequently produce more oil than required – reactive seborrhea (leads to clogged pores).