Mountain BikesMountain bikes are normally ridden on mountain trails, logging roads, single tracks and other unpaved situations. These sorts of lands usually integrate rocks, grooves, loose sand, rock particles, roots, and soak grades. Mountain bikes are produced to handle various differential terrain situations according to weather conditions, and they are made up of rigid material to face all these situations. A survey conducted on mountain bikes market states that suspension configuration of these bikes are majorly categorized into 4 types such as Rigid, Hard tail, Soft tail and Full suspension. Mountain bikes impart similarities with different bikes, and include features outline structure for enhancing more durability and performance in terrains.

Below are the various types of design associated with Mountain Bikes:

  • Cross Country (XC): The structures of cross country bikes favors climbing capacity and response over descending and stability, and thus common head angles are 70–71°. These bikes are not designed for use on rough terrain.
  • Downhill (DH): These bikes have 200mm of suspension line, with low structure intended to rider’s comfort position helpful in descends with high speed. Although cross country and downhill are made up of very lightweight components such as carbon fiber.
  • Freeride (FR): Freeride bikes have adequate suspension and normally have 7 inches (180 mm) of suspension line. These bikes are planned for trail features with sustainable capacity for handling heavy impacts or crashes. Respective frames and parts are frequently produced using carbon fiber because of the quality and durability concerns and are rather typically produced using aluminum in response to heavy usage.
  • Dirt jumping: These bikes are similar to freeride bikes with the difference of suspension line and oversized handlebars. Suspension line consists of 76 to 114mm front side with durable frame and oversized handle is used to show various tricks in venues.
  • Slopestlye: They have similarity of dirt jumping bike with suspension line of 100mm in both front and rear. Slopestyle bikes are equipped with mixed configuration of dirt jump and freeride bikes.