Facial MoisturizerProbably one of the most confusing things might be skincare, with so many products available in the market currently. Well, one basic and the most vital routine of everyone’s skincare regime must be moisturizer. Facial Moisturizers or rarely termed as facial emollients are intricate and compound mix of skin-friendly chemical agents particularly fabricated to make the topmost layer of the skin more soft and supple.The moisturizers increase the hydration level of the skin by lessening the evaporation. As a part of the composition of commercial skin moisturizers the ingredients might include natural or artificial oils, naturally occurring skin lipids and sterols, lubricants, emollients, etc. These are available in the market as commercial cosmetic and therapeutic product uses, also many a time can be made at home as a DIY using some common pharmacy ingredients.Every individual’s skin is different and will react in a varied way to the change is seasons. Summers might give in oily skinned people a tough time, whereas winters make things worse for drier complexions.A survey conducted on facial moisturizer market states that many dermatologists across the world recommend using right moisturizer after knowing one’s skin type and reading the ingredients list.

Knowing the Skin Type and Using the right Facial moisturizer

There exist three basic skin types that probably everyone is aware of – normal skin, oily skin and combination skin. Nevertheless, the skin might possess dry or sensitive characteristics. One must check their T-zone at the end of the day to determine if they have any of the three types of skin and accordingly choose the right products for the face. People suffering from dry skin issues are more vulnerable to having slightly allergic skin, and such people should not be using conventional moisturizers due to the chemicals composition as it can harm the fragile skin surface. Further, individuals who suffer from acne-prone skin must avoid using oil-based moisturizers.

The following guidelines might help in avoiding such mistakes –

Normal Skin – Normal skin people have smaller pores on their skin and also their skin tone is mostly even. However, they still need to take care of their skin; therefore natural or vegan moisturizers are their best bet since these products have antioxidant properties which might render anti-aging benefits.

Oily Skin – This particular skin type needs to just determine the right skincare regime. The skin might get greasy and oil and might contain medium to large pores. Also, such skin type people are more prone to acne breakouts.Water-based moisturizers which are non-comedogenic are most preferred, since there is reduced risk of comedo formation.

Combination Skin –People with combination skin usually have dry as well as oily patches on their face. For instance, a person has an oily T-zone, i.e., forehead, nose and chin, and dry and flaky skin around the eyes and cheeks. Such skin type people must opt for organic moisturizing creams or lotions, owing to the properties that would reduce any kind of hyperpigmentation and inflammation.