BidetA bidet resembles with plumbing equipment, and however has warm-water jets for individual cleanliness after using the toilet. Bidets are typically arranged close to the toilet and are particularly useful to individuals who are recuperating from any kind of surgery; people who suffer from any physical disabilities with adroitness or different issues that bound their scope of movement; individuals who have different medical conditions, like, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, difficult bowel movements, dysentery, or different debility issues that include the rectal or genital areas. Bidets are probably used for in-depth cleanliness and hygienic purposes basically used more to wash anus and inner buttocks. Some of their designs might also be used to clean and wash inner parts of the human body, some of them also come up with the attachable functionality to the older type toilet bowel, as they have benefit of low cost and space. A few nations are particularly known for having specific bidets: Argentina, South Korea, Egypt, Brazil, Japan, Greece, Lebanon, Italy, Spain, Venezuela, France, Portugal, Turkey, Chile, Uruguay, and India. Many reviews on bidet market demonstrates latest technology in bidets, which are controlled remotely with various operated functionality like heating element, heating seats with built in deodorizers to remove odors. Some of them are mechanically controlled bidets which are simply controlled by a valve, attachable bidets that are made up of stainless steel or chrome plated metal are the bidets which are budget friendly and can accommodate many basins.

Types of Bidet:

  • Bidet Shower: It is basically a jet spray consisting of hand nozzles, which delivers spray of water for cleaning purpose with gentle hygiene
  • Conventional Bidet: Small unit installed beside the sink resemble in basin with tap features that squirts a pressurize jet of water for cleaning
  •  Add-on Bidet: It is one of the modern era bidet which consists with remote controlling and different types of electronically added functions of cleaning