A Brief Overview of Activated ClayActivated clay is of the bentonite origin and is a naturally occurring porous mineral that has been dried to generate an adsorbent material. For significantly enhancing the adsorption properties of the clay, it is processed with acid and is most efficient in normal room temperature and relative humidity ranges. Once the activated clay is treated, as and when used it can be reactivated and thereby enabling its reuse instead of having to constantly replace it. In other words, it holds its structure when it becomes saturated and can be efficiently reactivated for recycle by heating. Activated clay has numerous applications and can be found through fabricators, home supply stores, and stores that stock up auto repair supplies. The key disadvantage of this substance is the quality of losing moisture when at low temperatures. Once this substance is spread across any surface, it quickly adsorbs oil and other materials that are present on the surface. It is majorly used in auto shops and a machinery repair facility where oil spills on the ground occurs; the activated clays are used in soaking up the spills.

Exposing activated clay to lower temperatures like 50°C might start the procedure of releasing moisture back into its environment. This property of the substance is very useful for reactivating the clay however there are probabilities that this might cause problems for particular applications which are exposed to higher temperatures. Thus, proper care should be taken while selecting this substance for moisture protection. Activated clay is certainly used with materials that are dangerous and toxic. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that it is reactivated by an experienced source. Many manufacturers refer to this product as “bleaching clay,” citing to the fact that it has the ability to bleach out pigments. Survey on activated clay market suggests that, when not in use, this substance must be stored in dry and cool place. If the clay is exposed to moisture, the clay will release fluid and gets messy.