Advantages of using a Light TowerA light tower is a roving mobile equipment that has usually more than on high-intensity electric lamps along with a mast. The lights are connected to the mast, which is linked with a trailer which has an in-built generator which has been set to power the lamps. The generator gets the power from a diesel engine and the lamps attached are usually metal halide bulbs. Nevertheless, solar-powered, battery-powered, and hydrogen-powered sets are available. Furthermore, apart from metal halide bulbs, light towers with LED lighting or electrodeless lamps are also sold. There are certain kinds of modular kits which are sold by companies like Multiquip, Winco, Kubota, etc., enable separation of the trailer, generator set, lights, and mast from each other. An additional variant is an inflatable mast, which specifically when used the lights might be positioned much closer to the ground, along with a reflector which is linked to the mast. Light towers have plenty applications, such as at construction site, some outdoor activities where temporary lighting is required (mining, demolition, oil refining, emergency services, sport or agricultural sectors).

Types of Light Towers

Several manufacturers do render fixed light towers, yet most of the industries prefer to make use of portable light towers for to sole reason that they can be carried to several locations. For example, at a huge construction site, one might require light for carrying out many building activities; such activities do not get finished in one day and therefore portable light towers comes in quite handy. One of the vital aspects of working of these light towers is that they consist of their very own incorporated generators. This make them even more efficient since they do not require any kind of external power source to charge or receive energy. When the generator is completely filled with fuel, it could potentially work for long-term. Hence, instead of making use of many types of fixed lights, it makes completely more business sense to use a few portable light towers. According to a report based on the light tower market, every tower could possibly have approximately 16 halide bulbs which generate superior amounts of illumination. One of the most basic and important factor to look for in a light tower would be the illumination capacity, the generator’s fuel holding capacity, the portability of the tower, and lastly, the quality of the trailer to which the tower is supported and mounted.