Favorableness of Virgin Coconut Oil Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is popularly known for its mild and fresh fragrance, taste, medium, chin fatty acids (MCFA), vitamins, and antioxidants among other things. It is extracted from fresh coconut milk, coconut meat or residual matter of the coconut, i.e., Cocos nucifera L. Virgin coconut oil is quickly acquiring worldwide popularity as compared to ordinary coconut oil, since virgin oil is distilled and taken out by a mechanical process with no subject to any kind of chemical changes. This facilitates the oil to sustain its natural form, by holding back the fragrance and flavor of the coconut, along with the superior content of vitamin E, minerals and strong healthy medium-chain fatty acids. Therefore, virgin coconut oil comprises of no trans-fat, the existence of great amounts of lauric acids (to be more precise about 50 %) are very valuable. Virgin coconut oil is quite apt and suitable for human to consume in its natural state. It is observed that a thousand mature coconuts which weigh around 1,440 kilograms yield nearly 170 kilograms of copra from which approximately 70 liters of coconut oil can be extracted.

What makes it so significant?

Virgin coconut oil is definitely more beneficial than ordinary coconut oil owing to several facts such as – it is not subject to any direct heat and is extracted using a unique process from fresh (non-dried) coconuts. Vitamins and antioxidants are present in abundance in virgin coconut oil, which is almost completely absent in ordinary variant; apart from these, this oil also contains major amount of proteins. Moreover, the shelf life of virgin coconut oil is considerably longer than any other edible oil, including the refined and bleached deodorized coconut oil. Because of the presence of higher amount of Capric and Lauric acid, the prognosis of using virgin coconut oil in helping the treatment of AIDS is being considered and looked upon.

Furthering the fundamental health properties of VCO, a recent market survey done on virgin coconut oil market states that there are some potential effects of this product on fighting diabetes and controlling blood sugar and enhances the emission of insulin. It enables efficient using of blood glucose, which helps in preventing diabetes. Also, coconut oil is known for lower amount of glycaemic index (GI) which is a prominent attribute that is often assayed post diabetic consumers in some specific foods.