Anthracite is a rigid, hard and compact variant of coal which possesses the most superior content of carbon as compared to all the other types of coals. Having minimal amount of impurities and great calorific value anthracite is having more demand on a global level especially in the anthracite coal mining market. It has a sub-metallic luster which has the components of all types of coal except for graphite. This coal is the most metamorphosed type of coal, wherein the carbon content is between 92.1% and 98%. Anthracite coal is a metamorphic rock that is derived from areas where the Earth has had huge quantities of movement and compression for a prolonged period of time, for instance mountain ranges. For instance, majority of anthracite coal which is mined in the United States is derived from the Appalachian Mountains in the Northeastern Pennsylvania. Moreover, anthracite is also found in abundance at volcano ridges and occasionally in areas where high intensity earthquakes are common. A certain study done on anthracite market reveals that anthracite coal accounts for only one percent of the total world’s coal reserves. The residual remains post the combustion of anthracite has lesser amount of impurities along with insignificant amount of smoke.

Anthracite is substantially categorized into standard grade (used widely for generating power), high grade (HG), and ultra high grade (UHG), both of these are known to be of great help in water purification; however their prime usage is in the metallurgy sector. This specific coal is put to use in several applications apart from being used for heating purpose. Since it produces minimum to no amount of pollution and does not even stain the skin when in contact, unlike other forms of coal, it is one of the cleanest form of coal. Because anthracite is very complex to burn, it generates more heat relatively. Anthracite is quite commonly used in domestic furnaces and fireplaces, even though it is used in a certain type of filters and is a usual ingredient in charcoal. Besides, anthracite is also used in steam-based generators and is able to be converted into liquid with the objective to be utilized in internal combustion engines.