Switzerland Chocolate is globally known as Swiss chocolate and they are exclusively produced in the most fertile land of Switzerland. Although, cacao beans and many other ingredients like sugar can be derived from outside Switzerland, the actual production of chocolate must happen in Switzerland. Switzerland chocolates have garnered an international reputation for the superior quality along with several delicious international brands. Ever since the 19th century till the First World War and the entire Second World War, the Swiss chocolate industry was very export-oriented. Post the Second World War, Switzerland started to outsource its chocolate production owing to commercial restrictions. Chocolates are a preparation of theobroma cacao seeds, and it one of the most widely loved and consumed food product across the world. Today, according to the Switzerland chocolate market, most of the Swiss chocolates is consumed by Swiss themselves, and they are the highest per capita rate of chocolate consumption in the world, i.e., 25.6 lbs. per capita per annum. One of the most popular Swiss chocolate brands is Lindt which was built in 1845. Lindt has a historic record of more than 160 years of chocolate production and it has become the top brand chocolate and sells the chocolate preparatory among over 80 countries.

It has been recorded that in 2004, approximately 148,270 tonnes of chocolate were produced in Switzerland, out of which nearly 53 percent was exported to France, Germany and Great Britain, and North America. Also, in 2004, the Swizz chocolate industry garnered around 1.37 billion CHF, from both local markets as well as exports. Swiss chocolatiers have produced some amazing delectations such a pralines, cakes, truffles, and mousses; and Swiss chocolates are great on their own. However, many prefer having it with an espresso, whisky, Cognac, sweet wine, etc. Swizz chocolate making standards have always been the most superior in the world. Chocosuisse, a specific organization patronized by the Swiss chocolate industry is forever in talks to capture competitors with the claim that they are Swiss made when they in fact are not.